Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tarte Maracuja Cheek Tint

I was reading Vivianna Does Makeup's Tarte, Tarte, and More Tarte, when I remembered: wait, I love Tarte products too! So I rushed over to Sephora's website and discovered this gem on sale for $10.

I'm pretty sure it's being discontinued, but to me this looks like one of those seriously misunderstood products.

This is meant to be a cheek stain. Not just a typical blush. From reviews I've read, you use a tiny dot, blend quickly, and the sheer color will stain your cheeks and last all day.  This cheek stain meets a lot of my requirements for loving a product: minimal packaging (with a pump to boot), long-lasting, cream/liquid formula, highly pigmented, and natural-looking.

I just finished ordering mine and wanted to share before this beautiful product goes out of stock.  I got mine in Sheer Red, but it also comes in Light Pink and Light Nectar.  Which color do you think would suit you best?

This product is probably going to reignite my love for Tarte (I already have my eye on thisthis, and this) and I'm looking forward to some new finds.


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